Starting Fresh.

Some of you will know I previously blogged over at Blogger, and due to a rash decision I removed my whole blog. This is a decision that tore me. I had everything on there from trying to conceive H, all my pregnancy updates, birth stories, all the updates of his first year, my troubles and feelings etc. I even had a good few relationships with some beauty brands. But I needed to start new, forGet the past so to speak. So with starting new I thought I would also do a swap from blogger to wordpress, so here we are.

Now for those of you who don’t know me, or haven’t read my previous blog, I’m 23, I’m a mummy to 2 boys, two years apart, A + H, 2 dogs, and engaged to my partner of 7 and half years. I like fruit teas, candles, tattoos, Lush baths, books, my bed, and as I’m sure you will soon see, I just love to change my hair colour, ALOT.

I am still not 100% where I want this blog to go, my previous blog was more of a parenting blog, but I think I want this for me, so I’m going to aim more for beauty, and mental health, but with a dash of parenting, and sprinkle of lifestyle and fitness.

So please do join me on my new blogging journey.

 *also please share any tips and tricks to using WordPress as its all alien to me.



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