Big changes.

The new year has seen me make a lot of changes. I’ve started taking better care of myself, I’ve lost weight, I’m happy, my anxiety has eased off ALOT. But two new things that has happened are both big to me in different ways.

The first is a yoga headstand. I’ve never ever in my life been able to achieve a headstand. Last week I watched tons of videos and decided I would learn. I failed miserably. But after trying and trying and trying again I finally grasped it.

Not entirely, I can now get both legs off the floor and balance, but not for long. But still, now I’m practicing how to slow down the motion of getting into to it, slowing my breathing when upside down and to balance. But persistence is key, I was so determined to prove my own body wrong. And I’m so proud that I have.

Next big thing is, I decided to become a younique representive. Not a big deal for most, but this is something I’ve been looking at for over a year now and after an in depth conversation with a friend I decided to take the plunge. The community and support is amazing! And the makeup is pretty awesome too. So of course if you want to purchase or try something then I’m your girl Click here. πŸ˜ƒ
Anyway this was just a quick post to say I’m back and I’m better than I’ve ever been and all these changes are all so positive for me and my life. ✌🏻️

Thanks for reading.


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