I’ve loved makeup for as long as I can remember. My mum never wore it, but my Aunty did, and she used to give me odd bits here and there, and of course over the years it became a love of mine. I’ve gone through many phases in my life, from heavy eyeliner and 3 pairs of lashes, to oompa lumps orange and pencil thin brows, to even wearing barely anything. But no matter what phase I go through makeup is a big part of my life.

When I was around 14 I shaved my brows off. I regretted it instantly and they grew back in, but I was obsessed with plucking them, almost every day so of course they were teeny tiny thin little lines on my face. Eventually at around 21, I grew them back in fully and barely plucked them, but with my other obsession of dying my hair every month or so I was forever having to change the colour I used to darken or lighten, or pencil in my brows.

Anyway a few years ago an eyebrow phenomenon started, people discovered brow products, and everyone and their mumma (seriously even mine) was pencilling in their brows.

I’ve gone through a few shapes in my time, but just recently I have refound a love for makeup and have been watching a lot more tutorials etc, and with that comes learning about brows. Two maybe even three months ago I thought my brows looked fine, but I soon discovered other products and other techniques and started playing around more. My point is I’ve only now realised how awful my brows were a few months ago and don’t know why nobody told me how horrific they were.

Before my eyebrows were these caterpillars on my face and looked so heavy and unnatural, and now they look nicely shaped, even, and one hell of a lot more natural.

The first I was using a pencil to pencil them in, hence the solid block of colour, and in the second I had used 3 different shades of brow powder, all applied really lightly. 

Have you been through any brow drama in your younger years? Were you ever crazy enough to shave yours off? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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