Hair dye’oholic

So what you may or may not know about me, is that I’m slightly addicted to changing my hair colour. I get bored quickly, and I’m not adventurous with anything in my life other than my hair colour.

I’ve been blonde, brown, black, red, ginger, purple, pink, a mix of a couple of those at other times. I could and I have changed my hair colour once a month every month for months on end going backwards a forwards between them all.

Sometimes I wonder what my natural hair colour actually is, and whether it would still be a curly Afro if i had left it. So I’m setting myself a little challenge. It has been 4 and half months since I last coloured my hair, although I recently added a wash in wash out pink to the tips, that’s nearly almost completely faded so that doesn’t count.

The challenge I’m setting myself is to see just how long I can leave my hair without a colour touch up. Could I last another 8 months to make it a year? I doubt it, but I really want to try. I am also going to really really try not to use any heat either. I don’t actually use much as I only straighten my hair about once a month of that, but I do blow dry it 75% of the time.

So as you can see I already have a fair bit of root regrowth that I am living with and doesn’t bother too much at the minute, and in November last year I cut all my hair off to just above my shoulders and it is slowly growing back in. 

I’m interested to see how long I can actually go without touching it.

Thank for reading.

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