A couple of months ago a friend introduced younique to me, and I got the lipstains from them. There are 7 colours, and I absolutely love them. They really don’t budge!! I try to wear one each day of the week, so they all get their wear. 

But skittish and saucy are probably my favourite. 

There really is one for every mood, the only thing I would say they could do is maybe add a more nudey colour one, but I seriously love these. I have worn a handful of different liquid lipsticks and lipsticks over the years, and Nyx liquid lip creams were my favourite, but these have converted me. 

Their staying power is tip top, and because it is such a thin stain there are no creases, no crumbly bits, and no weight to wearing them, they even stay put during eating and drinking which I know a lot of brands “claim” to do, but these really do. 

They are Β£18 each which is abit pricey for me, but when I received the testers I fell in love and didn’t even question spending  Β£112 on getting all 7 in regular size. Best part is I haven’t even needed to use the big tubes yet because my testers are still going strong and I’ve had them since April. 

Have a look at them yourself Here. Or if you have tried them yourself how do you like them?

Thanks for reading.

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