Fake lashes tip!

So I recently come across this little hack/tip for applying false strip lashes. I used to apply them daily and wear multiple strips at a time and you wouldn’t be able to tell however in my old age (okay since I became a mum) fake lashes aren’t top of my list, so when I do try to apply them now they look a mess, I can never get it right.

However after discovering this little tip I can do it in one go, with no mess! 

So usually you would (or at least I would) apply the glue to the false lashes, wait for it to go tacky then apply using tweezers to get in place. I could never get the ends stuck down I always get a little flappy bit, especially on the inside, which drove me nuts.

But the trick is, apply the glue straight to your lash line, like where you apply liquid eyeliner, wait about 10 seconds and apply the lashes. 

The reason this works better is because there is nowhere else for the glue to go, so the lashes don’t end up stuck here and there and everywhere, and you don’t end up with glue everywhere either. So even if you apply the lashes wrong, they aren’t going to stick anywhere because they don’t have glue on.

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