Wake up and Makeup.

Today’s wake up and makeup is brought to you by not enough sleep and too much spare time spent on YouTube and Facebook watching tutorials.

I am loving this look today. I started with a primer (of course), followed by a little bit of concealer on my forehead and under eyes as my forehead is rather spotty at the minute. After that I applied a thin amount of foundation, all over to even out my skin tone, followed by a small amount of setting powder.

After the setting powder I used my contour pallet, and used the lightest tone of brown under my cheek bones, forehead, *cough* double chin *cough*, my nose, and a little bit under my bottom lip.

After this I set under my eyes with the yellow powder, and highlighted using the pinky tone. I then used the middle brown, and the shimmery brown as I would a bronzer or blusher, on the apples of my cheeks.

I then used the highlighter on the top of my cheek bones, button of my nose, cuspids bow, tiny bit on chin, and another couple of goes on the cheek bones (I love my highlighter).

I then started on my eyes. I know a lot of beauty gurus, makeup artists tell you to do eyes first, but I just prefer my face done first. I started with my eye brows, I’m currently just using 3 tones of brown eye shadow, I think I’ll do a step by step of my brows at some point.

Next was the dreaded winged liner! I have been practicing this for weeks and weeks going backwards and forwards on which products to use, what brushes to use, but I’ve finally found something that works for me, and I got both eyes done first try, which I am super proud of myself for. 

Then mascara was next, I just use Younique mascara, so gel, fibers, wait, then gel. I didn’t want to waste my false lashes for a day at home. I then decided to add a little brown shadow into my crease.

For my lips I used two different lip pencils, a rose toned nude and a brown nude and then applied a matte lipstick over top.

One more top up of highlighter and I was happy. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. 

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7 thoughts on “Wake up and Makeup.

  1. I hear rave reviews about this Younique mascara… I’ve never tried it, but this post makes me want to?! Also, virtual high five for getting that eyeliner fleeky on your first try. Wings are honestly the most stressful thing for me (I think my eyes are crooked though… could be the prob, lol)! I’d seriously love if you could check out my blog (it’s a brandy new beauty blog!) and give me some pointers. I only have one post, but I’m hoping to get a groove and be posting a lot!

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    1. I love the younique mascara, I actually sell it if you were wanting to order some? And thank you, I’ve been practicing wings for weeks and finally found an eyeliner that works for me, I have hooded eyes so mine usually smudges if I make it too thick 😞 thank you lovely, I will check it out now. X


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