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Tea and chat.

First of all, I’m sitting down with a nice cuppa, you should be too…

To start with let’s talk about this cutie…

On Tuesday my puppy is booked in for an eye op, as you can see from the picture he has Cherry eye, it’s been like it for the 2 months that we have had him, but because he had so many skin issues they wouldn’t operate until that cleared up. I’m so excited to see his little face without the ugly bulgey eyelid, but I’m so scared for my little doggy, he’s like my baby.

Cherry eye is a a prolapsed 3rd eyelid, Some breeds, Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Beagles, Pugs, Boxers, and many others are unfortunately more prone to developing it. Our last Bully dog had the same issue but hers always resolved itself, but this isn’t the case for him. 

Next, I got a dispatch email today that two new products I ordered have been dispatched so will hopefully be here in the next week *fingers crossed*, as I will be reviewing both here, and both are super affordable options.

I also, seem to have caught a shopping bug, because even though I ordered the new bits a few days ago, I’m already looking at new palettes to order and review.

And last but not least, (not sure if I have many, if any, mum readers) but summer holidays, ahhh not even one week in, and both the kids and I are bored, and out of things to do, at least at home anyway, so any suggestions on keeping them occupied for the next 5 weeks would be massively appreciated!! 

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