Rose gold oval brush set review.

Do you ever just see something and you just to have to have it? Well that was me when I saw these. I’m sure you have all seen the craze all over YouTube and Instagram, and blogs etc of bloggers and makeup artists going crazy over these. The real artiste ones are supposedly very very very expensive and as much as I love makeup I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a makeup brush. So when I saw these on Amazon for Β£13.99, I have to get them.
It was a 10 piece set, and honestly I have never felt a makeup brush so soft in all my life! They do just feel amazing, and the fact that they are rose gold just adds to the beauty of them. They look so cute sitting next to my makeup collection. 

I have found these work great with both cream, liquid and powder foundations, blushes, contour, highlighters etc, but I do feel like they might require more regular cleaning than normal brushes. 

The handles are plastic, not metal like the expensive ones, but for Β£13.99 for 10, I don’t really think you can expect high quality. 

There is also a brush for everything! Some of the smaller ones are perfect for contouring the nose, and getting under eyes, whilst others are perfect for applying all over face. I haven’t even found that they absorb or hold the product either which is great!

If/when these break or get ruined I would definitely just go ahead and buy another set, as for the money, you just can’t go wrong with them. 

Do you have a set of the oval brushes? What do you think of set?

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