Face Of The Day.

Today’s looks of the day is inspired mainly by the new pallett I’ve bought and been too scared to try any of the bolder colours *whoops*.

I went in as always, starting with my primer, which is hands down the best primer I’ve used and it was £3 from Wilkinsons from their “Kissx” range.

Next I went in with my Boots, No7 Airbrush away foundation in the colour Calico (which I believe is the lightest), that was applied using one of my Rose gold oval brushes, (which were seen in a recent post of mine being reviewed). Following that was the concealer under the eyes, which was MUA concealer in the colour Fair, then I applied Collection 2000 contour stick in the colour light, which is perfect as its a really ashy toned brown, so there is no orangeness to it, which is not what you want when contouring. That was applied round the forehead, nose, under cheekbones, and chin and jaw area, that was then blended out with another one of the Rose gold oval brushes. Blusher and highlighter were both lightly applied using a Spectrum Blusher brush, (Spectrum have quite possibly the prettiest brushes made!). Blusher was a cheap one from Essence, and highlighter was used from the Makeup Revolution Contour powder set, the contour and under eyes were then also both set using the powders from this pallett.

My brows were done using a mix of three brown eyeshadows from another Makeup Revolution pallet, and then set using drugs a clear mascara from Essence. 

Now the new pallett I used on my eyes was from Makeup Revolution, called Flawless, the colours in this are amazing and will be reviewed in a seperate post. I used 2 paper and soft glow as a base for my eyes and went in all over my lid with the colour barely pink, I then applied universal and red night in the crease and blended out, and added highlite in the inner corner. Liquid eyeliner for the wings, and mascara were then added. 

Finally lips, a Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer in the colour What I Believe, the colour in this is amazing, I’m just not 100% sold on the formula.

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