Where have I been?

I feel like I’ve neglected this a little bit lately as I had gotten into the swing of getting a few posts a week up. I was really ill for a few weeks, and I couldn’t even look after my own children let alone put makeup on and blog. We also had the dog in and out of the vets every 3-4 days for 3 weeks following his eye op, and along side that, we have had my sister in law come to stay so we’ve been having some lovely family days all catching up. 

I’ve also just started my first job, which sounds ridiculous as I’m nearly 24, but i fell pregnant with my first son right out of college, and then my second son followed 2 years later so I’ve never had a real job. Chuck in my anxiety ‘issues’ and I have had a very stressful and busy month/month and half.

However I am hoping that in the next 2 weeks I will be treating myself to lots of new goodies, so look out for some reviews and hauls coming really soon.

I have however had time to change my hair, from the blonde I was, to ginger. I will do a post on that this week.

Thanks for reading.



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