Face of the day.

Once again I’m back with another face of the day. I’m mainly doing these on Sunday’s as its the only day I really get a chance to wear a full face of makeup due to it being the only day of the week that I’m not rushing round like a headless chicken. 

This look is very similar to last weeks except I tried a darker eye, as I’m a little bit afraid of dark shades on the eye as I usually end up looking like I’ve been in a punch up, but today I think I did okay. 
Also I am still growing my eyebrows out, which is killing me as they look so untidy,  but if I start I won’t stop and I’ll just have uneven brows again so I’m trying to stay away from the tweezers for now. 

This lipstick is my favourite go to shade for any look, it’s a dusky rose, nude colour, from maybelline and it smells AMAZING!!! 

Whilst I’m there don’t even get me started on my hair, I’m changing for Autumn/winter and I just can’t choose what I want done with it, so I’m just leaving it for now until I make a decision.

Thanks for reading.



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