I am a hair extension fanatic! I first started playing around with extensions when I was 14, since then I’ve tried them all, from clips ins to glue ins, micro loops, micro wefts, to 3/4 wig pieces, and  synthetic and human hair. 

My usual go to hair extensions are FoxyLocks, I have never had any issues with their hair, and absolutely love them, but they didn’t have the shade I was aiming for so I had a look around and found loads of great reviews for Milk+Blush, and today I’m adding my own. 

The shade I chose was ‘Bel Air Baby!’ And the shade was perfect. These are from their ombré collection, and they go from a natural brown, to an ashy blonde on the bottom. 

My own hair is a super thick long bob, just past my shoulders, so not the easiest things to try and blend with extensions, but these make it slightly easier. I do need to get my ends cut and have these blended in still yet which will make these just flawless. 

Mine are the 16-18inch set, and the longer the set, the more weight there is to them. I am going to order one of their booster sets, as my hair is just so thick and will make my application time way quicker.

I have curled and straightened them already, but have yet to wash them, but so far I have had absolutely no shedding, which is a massive plus for me as I’ve had so many sets that’s start off thick but shed hair like crazy.


Milk+Blush also have some pretty awesome packinging. The box the extensions come in is a very appropriate blushed pink, and inside the box is a little greetings card that says “dreamy hair take me there”, and on the other side it says to use the #milkandblush for them to see your pictures and maybe share them on their own Instagram. The box is also split into two sections, one section (which is sealed) contains the set of hair hair extensions, whilst the other part contains one weft of extension from your set, in a hair net, attached to a piece of card, this piece is your tester strand, which I used to take to the shop match a hair dye to dye my hair before opening the rest, this way I could return them if the colour was wrong.

I would 100% recommend Milk+Blush hair extensions, the quality is great and their range of hair colours rivals every other brand out there.

Thanks for reading.



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