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Mini new look haul.

This week I wanted to update my autumn/winter wardrobe with some new knitwear. 

The first three are Newlooks Boxy Jumper, although somehow I managed to order two in tall and one not (no idea how I managed that) but I don’t mind as I like things that cover my bum area incase I wear leggings. All three were £7.99 each, and there were a few more colours which I will definitely be getting too. And then the last one was a sale jumper, with a cowled neck, which should of been £22.99 but was only £8.00 bargain! 

Also let me just say that none of these jumpers are itchy, which I know some knit wear can be.

The last little thing was just a across the body satchel purse thing (what are they even called?) I love this as it’s separated into two completely parts and it aplenty big enough to shove a few mummy bits in if I’m with the kids, or my purse and stuff if I’m going to work. And this was £9.99.

Next on my wish list is some new boots…

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