Face of the day.

It has been forever since I done a makeup post, or it seems like it at least. I wish I had more time to do full face makeup throughout the week but I just don’t. Anyway, here is today’s face of the day I’ll apologise ahead of time about my lips being so badly overdrawn, it was lipstick and I couldn’t get it even *whoopsie*.

I hate having such weird shaped eyes, as it makes the winged liner look poop when the eye is closed, but when it’s open it looks so clean and sharp.
I’m currently experimenting with darker colours, this is the first time over ever used darker colours and don’t look like I have a black eye. 

Also finally got my hands on the ABH pomade and ABH brow wiz, I love them both, although the pomade has taken some getting used too as I have used pencil for years! But after some practice I love them both.

Full face picture. 

Any tips for contouring noses would be great, the end of mine is so big I can’t ever make it look thin. 

Thanks for reading.


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