Laroc eyeshadow pallette

So I decided I need to experiment with colour this year, because I always stick to neutral eyes, brown, smokey brown, brown with hint of orange, brown with a hint of black, etc. However I wanted to do this without wanting to spend a fortune on pallettes with colours I would never use, I had a quick look on Amazon and found this pallette. 183 shades for ยฃ8.99. I couldn’t really say no could I?

The shipping was super quick as I received it in 3 days, and it didn’t come with any shattered shades (yay)!

The pallette itself is one big case with 3 separate trays that all lift out easily and can be arranged in whatever order you prefer. 

The three shelves are filled with a variety of colours, colours I wouldn’t even imagine buying unless they came in this pallet. Although I would only class 2 of the trays as eyeshadows, and the other one (larger pans) as blusher/contour shades, but that’s just my opinion. So that would make 168 eyeshadows.

Regarding quality, some are lovely and buttery, a few are a little chalky, but nothing that can’t be sorted by using a little setting spray when being applied. And there are both matte and shimmers. 

Overall for the price and variety of colours this pallette is ideal for beginners or for someone who just wants to widen their pallette collection colourwise. 

I’m most certainly looking forward to experimenting with lots of these colours throughout the year.

Thanks for reading. 

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