Face of the day.

So as I have stated before I am really really trying to play around with some colours when it comes to makeup. All my lipsticks are blushed nudes and all my eyeshadows are brown and neutrals. So playing around with colours is exactly what I’ve been doing. Hence today’s look.

I love winged liner. There is something so precise and classy about a winged liner. Of course t takes practice and I am getting better at it (slowly). But the only liner I have is black, so I used eyeshadow. I used a shimmery plum colour and I loved it.

My hair is just air dried and I love how messy and the volume in it (Toni and guy volume shampoo). 

For lips I just went with a blushed nude, I had originally paired it with a dark plum colour but colours didn’t work well together. 

With my foundation I used my all time favourite W7 featherlight foundation, but I started to fall out of love with it recently so I decided to retry my oval brushes, they’ve just been sitting on my table looking pretty and I really wanted to try them again. They just didn’t agree with my previous foundation and always left streaks and lines everywhere… However this time with this foundation it left a flawless application so I also tried them with my Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour pallette, and fell even more in love. I may just order another set in black.

Of corse my brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills in the colour Taupe with some clear gel mascara over top to set the shape. No fake lashes today as waiting for some more natural ones to arrive. And highlight was MUA undressed highlighter (I love me a bargain).

Thanks for reading. I hope you like this look as much as I did it’s such a simple look.

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