I bought a wig?!!

So a few days ago I finally gave in and bought my first ever wig! I’ve thought about it for years, but always been put off about them not looking real. Anyway I found this one on Amazon for £30 and had to get it, and boy am I glad I did.

As you know I have a short dark blonde bob I am growing out. And for £30 and in about 3 minutes I have long waist length platinum blonde hair.

It comes with about an inch of lace at the front that you have to trim yourself. And I also had to pluck the hair line abit to make the parting wider but you have to do that with most wigs.
I just can’t get over how long and pretty it is. My wig is by Kryssma wigs, and it’s a lace front.

Upon the second time of wearing I ended up taking about 5 inches off so it sits just over my boobs now, I also added layers and chopped in a side fringe. I also cut the lace even closer and changed the parting to a slight side parting. To change the parting, I put the hair dryer on a warm (warm not hot) temp and parted and held the hair where I wanted it to sit. It now sits perfectly. And it definitely looks way more real shorter, at least for me anyway.

I am so over the moon with this wig and can’t wait to wear it out of the house. 

Unedited/filtered photo.

I already know that buying wigs is going to be my new addiction as there is nothing I love more than changing my hair and wigs will help me do this without the risk of damaging my own hair.

What do you think? Do you wear wigs? Let me knows in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading.



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