The glo’up is real.

I’ve seen many people post their “Glow up” photos in beauty groups on Facebook I thought I would share mine in a blog post. 

The first photo was November 2014, I had had my baby in July and recently dyed my hair ginger (which I loved) the colour in this photo was a touch up colour and it went awful and I hated it. I also had bald patches due to post parting hair loss. 

Makeup has always been in my life since I was young. Maybe even since I was 10 years old. I would love nothing more than digging through my Auntys makeup case and borrowing a lipstick or some eyeshadow. 

Whilst I do wear makeup 6 days out of 7, I don’t rely on it. It’s always been about expressing myself, and even though I do think I look better with a little bit of mascara and my eyebrows on, I have no problem leaving the house without makeup on. 

In the last photo, taken only a few weeks ago, I am much more confident in myself as well as in my makeup. I love experimenting and learning new tips and tricks. And if I want to know anything I don’t already know how to do there is YouTube, and a ton of Facebook beauty groups. And also the Instagram beauty community is great too.

Here are a few more photos for some giggles….

These are the years 2010-2012ish. The purple in the top row in the middle makes me cringe so bad, I will defend myself in saying I was very drunk doing my makeup that night (as if that’s an excuse).

And these ones are all 2016-2017.

I would like to say my eyebrows are most definitely better now, although I’ve always coloured them as I used to change my hair so much. And as if I was wearing highlight in 2010.

Thanks for reading my lovelies. 

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