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Taking a break.

We recently got some good news about moving. However it has all happened very quickly and there is so much that needs to doing. Packing and unpacking. Touch ups in the old place and completely redecorating the new place. My new makeup room is a lot bigger which I love.

Anyway, with this and the suddenness of it I haven’t had the time to sit down and write or put a full face on and experiment no play around! I got the “violet voss x Laura lee” palette for Mother’s Day and I haven’t even done a post on it yet! 

So I’m taking a little break. It could be a week, it could be two, or a month. I’ll see how it all unfolds when we move. 

Thanks for reading. 

Be sure to keep up to date with me and all my goings on via my two Instagram’s, my Personal and my Makeup account.

Kisses xoxo


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