VioletVoss x LauraLee First Impressions and Review.

Hi lovelies,

I recently got my hands on the Violet Voss x Laura Lee collab palette, and I thought I would write a first impressions and review.

I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday from beauty bay, it came with free next day delivery which I believe you get if you spend over a certain amount. I only got the palette as this was my first order from beauty bay. 

I can’t remember the last time I owned a high end palette, at least 5, maybe 6 years ago? When I had my kids I stopped buying expensive makeup. So as you can guess I was pretty excited.

Before it arrived I did my research online, looking at swatches, reviews and tutorials. There were a lot of mixed reviews so I wasn’t biased one way or the other. 

I love the outer packaging it comes in, the white box with Laura Lee’s picture on the back with a little thank you from her.

When I opened it I was very pleasantly surprised at the size of the pan for each shade. The palette consists of 20 (yes 20!) shades ranging from your basic matte, transition, shimmer and duo chrome shades. Smashlee seems to be a firm favourite with other bloggers so I can’t wait to test these out. I love the names she has picked out for the shades too. Briches and Yoshi are two of my favourite names. The range of shades in this palette is originally what caught my eye as well as being a big fan of Laura Lee herself. 

I have been using larlee as a highlighter on my cheeks as it has a lovely silver/pink tone to it in different lights.

I’ve created a few eye looks with this palette. 

The sunset inspired one being my favourite…

I’m a neutral girl at heart so the red/orange/yellow was out of my comfort zone for me. But it’s one I love and plan to recreate and wear again.

First row:

  • Basic- basic is well… basic, it’s a shade every palette should have in it. I use this under my brow bone before highlighting and after I prime my eyes.
  • Sugah- this is a shimmery peach.
  • Priss Pot- this is a fab transition shade, and is a matte.
  • Mama bird- mama bird is a Orange with the tiniest bit of shimmer to it but is more or less matte.
  • Rafa muffin- is a deepened, maybe even burnt version mama bird, I find this whole top row works well together for a full look.

Second row:

  • Larlee- this is one of my very favourite shades in the palette. It’s looks abit blahh in the palette but on its stunning. It looks like another shimmery peachy colour but on is a gorgeous pinky/silver colour.
  • Tickled pink- this is a gorgeous champagne colour.
  • Hissy fit- looks more brown in the palette but comes out gold on the skin.
  • Bitty- is a gorgeous shimmery brown.
  • 1998- is a red/orange shimmer colour.

Third row:

  • Fleeky- this wasn’t a colour I was that excited about, but it became one of my favourites. I was impressed that it actually came out yellow and not gold.
  • Britches- this is another standard matte transition shade.
  • Fried- this is one of my favourite colours to use as a transition colour or for deepening the crease on a light look. 
  • Yoshi- is probably my favourite duo chrome in the palette. In the pan it looks green but when on it can turn into this gorgeous brown/green colour depending on the light.
  • Rammer jammer- whilst I still haven’t worn this on the eyes it is one the prettiest shades. A stunning red/burgundy shiner shade.

Fourth row:

  • Alabama- a warm matte brown.
  • Whiskers- is a more ash toned matte brown.
  • Bubs- a deeper cool toned brown.
  • Smash lee- I can 100% see why this is everyone’s favourite. In the pan it’s a green shimmer with gold flecks all the way through, on the skin it’s a real/green/gold shiner that changes entirely on the light.
  • Lou- Lou is a matte black. Whilst I’ve seen many blogger say it isn’t black, I will disagree and say it is, it’s just a more grey toned black, it’s definitely not a true black or a blue black which are much deeper. And it is buildable, but I found this the most difficult shade to work with in the palette.

Overall I love this palette and have barely reached for any of my usuals since owning it.

So there you have it. My very long in depth review of the violetvoss x Laura lee eyeshadow palette. What do you think? Do you own the palette? Have you been thinking about purchasing it?? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading lovelies.



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