FOTD + First Impression.

Hello again my lovelies.

A few days ago I ordered the Nars Sheer Glow foundation in the shade Gobi/light 3. So I thought I’d do a face of the day and my first impressions of the foundation since today is my first time trying it out. 

The colour match was a wild guess based on swatches off of Pinterest, I chose Gobi, which is also described as “light 3” and is a yellow toned shade. The match itself was perfect I feel lucky that I got it right the first time. 

The foundation itself is described (on the box) as “a complexion brightening foundation formula, the silky fluid delivers immediate hydration, even skin tone, and leaves the skin brighter, and more radiant when used daily. Your skins texture will improve over time and will become softer, smoother and more luminous. Sheer glow foundation provides weightless and buildable coverage, with a natural radiant finish”.

As it’s my first day trying it I can’t speak for the improvement of skin texture etc, but I will say it instantly evened out my skin tone without looking like I was caked in foundation. 

It did take me 3 separate attempts to get the ‘finish’ I wanted. I first tried a stippling brush and it looked awful, so I tried my fingers (as recommended on the website and the box) which left it all streaky and uneven, so I went for the beauty blender which definitely applied the best out the three but I felt like I used a lot more product than I would normally use. I will also try to use my foundation brush And see if that’s any better. But so far the beauty blender is the winner.

Also on my face is the one and only (also my favourite) violet voss x laura lee palette. The makeup revolution ultra cream contour, ultra powder contour, and for highlight a mix of MUA golden shimmer highlighter and the LarLee eyeshadow as it’s such a pretty colour for highlight. 

Although my eyebrows are a state at the moment, they are Cresty brow powder, and model co. eyebrow gel in blonde. 

Lips are the lip kits from Morrisons. Can’t find the shade but it’s academy of colour, and its the brown shade. 

Overall I’m pretty pleased with today’s look. I will see how long the nars foundation lasts as I haven’t set it. 

How do you feel about the sheer glow foundation? I will do a more in depth review once I’ve tried it for a week or two, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

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9 thoughts on “FOTD + First Impression.

      1. Yep same, I only use a beauty blender. Doesn’t give me the finish or look I want with any other tool.


      2. That’s why I thought, I just feel like I’m using so much more product that I would using a brush though πŸ™ˆ I guess I’ll figure it out. It was only my first time trying it today. X


      3. It helps if you apply the product to your face first, spread it with your fingers then just blend it out with the beauty blender. You end up using less that way. πŸ€—

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