The blogger behind the blog. 

Hello again my lovelies.

Today I thought I would share a post for you all to get to know me, and share where my love of makeup stems from. 

The first memory I have of makeup is being around 7years old, I had somehow managed to get my hands on my mum’s makeup bag, who doesn’t even wear makeup, so it couldn’t have contained more than 2 lipsticks and an eyeshadow. I can remember plastering it all over my face without a mirror, and my mum not being happy about it. 

My next makeup memory comes a few short years later, of me raiding my aunt’s makeup case, and her giving me lots of stuff she no longer used. I can remember feeling like the coolest girl in school because I owned real makeup, not pretend child’s makeup, but adult makeup. Even though it was just a brown lipstick, brown eyeshadow and bright blue mascara. There was also a lot of body glitter in those days, and I mean a lot of body glitter, also flavoured lip gloss, that basically felt like flavoured oil on your lips. 

After slowly building my collection by persuading my parents to buy o e or two pieces, and hoarding all my aunts old makeup, I went to high school. Which is probably where my love for it really began. I always wore mascara and lipgloss, even in my first year. By the second year I had added concealer and eyeliner. I generally had thick stumpy spider leg lashes, concealed lips to match my face, heavy eyeliner and maybe some glitter on weekends. 

Year 9, my third year, was spent in heavy eyeliner, 3 pairs of lashes, dream matte mousse foundation (on the lips as well as the face), and thick heavy fringes, so glad I got over my little emo stage. 

By the time I got into my 4th year of high school, I thought I had it down, a lot of brown or silver shadows, heavy mascara, blush, more of the dream matte mousse, and very occasionally a different colour lipstick to the concealer lips I insisted on rocking. 

A year after leaving school I went to college for beauty therapy, here I discovered fake tan, which I had tried before and never had much luck with. But this time I emptied bottle after bottle of fake tan and bronzer. I probably single handedly kept Fakebake and St tropez in business in 2010-2011.

After I left college I had my two sons, and makeup got put on a back burner, I was a stay at home, and parent blogger. After a bad patch due to my mental health in 2014-2015, I decided to get away from the blogging world for a while and deleted my entire blog. Whilst still playing around with makeup but not even blogging about it, I felt like something was missing.  

6months later I started this blog, it was a fresh start for me, and a release to be able to write again. I didn’t originally know where I wanted this blog to go, but it’s always steered me towards makeup, and beauty, which is where my main passion lies. I’ve only recently started taking it more seriously, and trying to learn more, and purchase more. 
So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey, and look forward to growing,  learning, and progressing further. My dream would be to go back to beauty school, take it seriously, and eventually have a career in makeup. 

I would love to hear some of your stories in the comments below. 

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