Newlook Beauty Haul. 

Hello my lovelies. 

Today I have a little beauty haul from the clothing brand newlook. I love newlook clothing, and I’ve dipped my toe into their beauty range in previous years. However I have recently noticed their entire beauty section has had an entire overhaul. So I grabbed a few bits. 

Everything pictured is priced between £1-£12.99, their beauty range is soooo cheap, and I love a bargain, especially when it comes to makeup. 

First is the hair, I fell in love with this gold “princess hair don’t care” brush, I do need a new brush but now it’s here I might just use it for a flatlay prop and on my table on show. Next is the Root Rescue, which is dry shampoo, I honestly could not make it through the week without a bottle of shampoo on hand. And the last two are spray on hair chalks. I’m looking forward to trying these, as I’m still trying to grow my hair out and whilst wigs do help, I would like to be able to have a play around with my own hair without damaging it. 

The next lot are a Warming Glow Face Mask, which definitely warms up and leaves you glowy. A Tone and Tighten gel, a Refresh and Prep spray for before and after makeup, which has probably been my favourite buy. And the Buff and Bronze body scrub, and Instant Gel Tan. 

In regards to face items, I got two primers, a mattifying one and an illuminating one, the Illuminating one is amazing, I am yet to try the other one. A fan brush, which has been on my list forever. False lashes and mascara. HD setting powder, Bronze Highlighter. The lavender nail polish which is to die for. Two foundations, I got a stick foundation which has amazing coverage and literally melts into the skin, and a liquid one. And then a plumping lip gloss, which does plump but not amazingly, but the colour is pretty so ill wear it. 

Lastly, I grabbed 3 Rose gold items, a little mirror for my bag, eye lash curlers, and tweezers. 

Reviews will be up for the tan and makeup items soon. 

What do you think of newlooks beauty range? Have you tried it? 

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