Another mini beauty haul. 

Hello again my pretties. 

Since we moved I can’t seem to stop buying things. Whether it’s makeup for myself, redecorating the rooms, or buying toys and clothes for the kids and the Other Half. So I decided to finally see what all the fuss was about when it comes to Morphe, because I haven’t tried them before I just got the mini palettes, I got two, the 12S and the 12NB, and I will say I’m in love and I’m converted and I will definitely purchase another palette or two from them.

And I also saw someone mention on a beauty group the other day about a W7 matte lipstick, so I just got the whole set, it was a set of 6 nudes called ‘Skinny lipping’, which I personally think might be a dupe/mimick of the Nyx lip lingerie (just my personal opinion). There is only one colour I don’t like and that is the dark brown, it just doesn’t suit my skin tone. But I might try and find a way to make it work. 

Now I have my eye on both the limecrime hi-lite palettes so they are next on my list to add to my collection. 

Anything suggestions on other new makeup to try? Looking for a good set of brushes, another new foundation and a decent pore filling primer. 

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Thanks for reading x 


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