I am not a makeup artist, but… 

I am not a makeup artist. I don’t claim to be. I’m not trained. Noone sat me down and taught me what’s what. But it is something I have always loved ever since I was a little girl. It’s something I have always turned too when I need help expressing or venting my feelings. I have anxiety and depression. Two years ago I wanted to end my life. When we moved and I started to feel better in myself, I refound my love for makeup through younique, I was only with them three months but it helped me remember why I loved it all over again. I started to sit down and enjoy YouTube tutorials again, which meant I learnt more, and wanted to try more. 

Over the last year my skills have developed alot, at least I think so anyway, and I’m so pleased with where I am right now, I can’t wait to learn more, and do more. When I eventually have the time, (probably next September when my youngest starts school) I look forward to going back to school myself, to beauty school that is. I want my qualifications, I want to make other women feel beautiful and show them how easy it is.

I don’t have to wear makeup, I choose to wear makeup because of the extra confidence it gives me, and the creativity it gives me.  

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5 thoughts on “I am not a makeup artist, but… 

  1. What a beautiful post! Your makeup is on FIREEEE!!!! Such great work! How did you achieve the makeup look on the right? I would love to know what you did and used!


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