Oops another little haul. 

Hello my lovelies. 

So as I stated in my last post I’ve developed quite the online shopping addiction. However these are my last purchases for the month as I’m on a makeup spending ban, as June and july are such a busy two months for us, we have birthdays galore (including my eldest and then my second sons birthday is just 6 days later), my anniversary, and fathers day. And then I have a trip to London in July, every week we have one or two things going on. 

So without further ado, my last few purchases for a while, (I’ll try to withstand my ban anyway)… 

First up is my mini beauty bay haul. You know when you get an email saying what’s new, and you just plan to window shop, and then the next thing you know it’s in your basket and you are putting in your card details? Yeah that happened. 

This is my first zoeva product, and I was not disappointed, it’s not a life change going product, but it is what it says, basic, it’s a basic contour/highlight/blush. This is straight away my new every day product for work/schoolruns.

Next is the St Tropez gradual in shower tan. I love fake tanning, but I can’t stand going to bed sticky, and I’m yet to find one that doesn’t go a weird colour or any colour on my legs. This is a streak free formula as it’s supposed to lather on like a body wash. I’m looking forward to trying this. 

Of course there is my limecrime order. One of my lovely instafriends suggested the Limecrime blossom palette to me after I asked repeatedly what highlight she was wearing and it was always this one. I am in love with this. The lavender one is perfect with my skin tone.

I am yet to try the other two on my face, but the swatches are to die for. 

And lastly is the two matte velvetines, I am forever in search of the perfect matte liquid lipsticks, and I think I may have found them, these are sooo light weight, they don’t crack or crumble, they last well and the entire colour range is just to die for. I’ve worn the colour Red Velvet (shown below), and am yet to try Polly on my lips, but that’s mainly because I haven’t taken red velvet off. I can’t wait to add more of these to my lipstick drawer. 

Lastly is my new desk, I’ve been after a new desk forever, so I finally got one. 

I’m actually in love with it, and of course it has a few more drawers for extra storage because all my other drawers are full. 

Thanks for reading. 

Is there anything there you are thinking of trying yourself? 

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