Forever learning.

Hello again my lovelies.

Today I wanted to share how much my skills have improved. Since jan 17 my skills have come so far, from applying one colour all over my lid, with occasionally a spot of glitter if I was feeling fancy, to 4 or 5 colours at once.

Last year I really got into colour, it was one of my New Years resolutions to really push myself as far as I could when it came to colour. To start with I played it safe staying with pinks and purples, by December I was confident with every colour, including my nemesis, blue! It took me a long time to learn how to work with blue eyeshadow but I did it.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with sunset colour schemes, (green and blue were my nov-dec obsession), so now I’m loving on oranges, yellow, pinks and purples. I tried this colour scheme a lot last year and it never came out right so it was something I pushed to the side.

Just lately I’ve been watching tons of insta videos, learning new techniques and new ways of blending. So this is where my most recent looks are coming from.

The top right photo was taken in October, at the time I was so thrilled with this look, but as I look back, I realised how heavy the purple was compared to the rest, there is a strict contrast in colours, no blending or melting between colours.

The top left was taken just a few weeks ago. I was still thrilled with this, but something still wasn’t right.

Now the bottom two were taken within the last week. These blends of colours are BOMB! Like legit the sh*t, I’ve become obsessed with my own work! Which is huge for me, I’m the kind of person that seeks approval from other people, so the fact that I’m just crushing all over my own looks is big.

I can’t wait to carry on improving and learning more and more.

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